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Our experienced team provides translation, editing, proofreading, SEO and multilingual design services to suit all your language needs.



Language is 90% semantics: the culture and history of its people, the shades of meaning in two words that represent the same concept, the form language takes depending on its content - these considerations are crucial to the success of any message, be it a novel, a marketing questionnaire, a government study, or a technical patent.


Our 5 step translation process:
  1. The source (text, audio, or video) is translated by one or several highly skilled translators experienced in the subject matter of the project
  2. The translation is proofread by a proofreader, who is also responsible for the continuity of style in projects with more than one translator
  3. If the project involves graphic design, our graphic specialists incorporate the proofread translation into the graphic elements
  4. The resulting layout is checked again by the proofreader
  5. The final product is spot-checked by our in-house quality control specialists

Triballiance Language Solutions pays close attention to semantics, making sure your message says exactly what you intended in every language. We localize translation for each target geographical area, making careful distinctions between British, American, Australian, and New Zealand English.

We offer an additional level of quality control with optional back translation - translation from the target language back into the source language.

Your personal project manager will coordinate the in-house and external support resources for each individual project, manage the translation schedule, and keep you posted on the progress of your project.

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