We thank our clients from all around the world for giving us the opportunity to serve their language services needs. Here are some of the things our clients say about Triballiance:


"I had the pleasure of working with Triballiance on a time sensitive project which required translation to two languages, both on super-tight deadline. What impressed me was the speed at which the work was turned around, as well as care shown by Triballiance to getting it right. Not only were they immediately responsive to my requests, they went above and beyond in making sure the entire exercise ran smoothly. I would definitely recommend them."
~ Odette Hidalgo, Designer - Gravity Inc.

"I hired Triballiance Consulting for translation services for our medical website. My experience was [that] they delivered exactly what they said they would, and on time. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for a professional, qualified translation service."
~Rob Tayler, CEO Webcam MD

"We were referred to Triballiance Consulting by our IT business partner. We have had a successful outcome to all the projects we initiated with them due to their professional, efficient efforts. We recommend them to anyone who can benefit from their range of services."
~Darroll Hornbuckle, President Cyber Sales, Ltd.

"We are all very happy with the work you provided. [We are] relieved that we have a reliable company we can send our translations to. You returned transcripts that were near perfect. They were quality work, and for that, thank you. Please thank all the people involved. They are excellent!! "
~Jody Leggett, Producer Wild Eyes Productions

"Triballiance is a very effective and efficient translation service. We use them for all of our translation needs. They are always able to get the job done. We continue to use them time after time. I would recommend them to anyone in need of this type of service!"
~David Greenspan, WAM Inc. - KITS Communications

"We were in a pinch to get a high-quality translation to meet a book publishing deadline. The Triballiance team came to the rescue and gave us both the quality and the service we needed in a time-frame that met our needs. A great translation team that we would use again."
~Don Hughes, Publisher - Theatron Books

"They are professionals in their area. But they are not like any other professionals: they have a special vision in their work. I know one day I will be reading their success story at the library."
~Esra Ergunay, President - Trakkia Consulting

"[The Triballiance team] are enthusiastic, serious-minded business individuals who execute the content with diligence. The animated, and visually pleasing workshop presentation [designed by Triballiance] enhances the core [sic] information. Triballiance Consulting is a growing company that is committed to achieving excellence."
~Carla Kendall, Self Employment Director - YMCA of Greater Toronto

"We [sic] felt you were informative and helpful, and we look forward to interacting with you as we all journey on."
~Patrick Chanderbhan, President - Defying Gravity

"I am very pleased with the translation. You managed to get my ideas and feelings about the subject incredibly well."
~Dr. Valentin Bragin, M.D. Ph.D.

"Thank you for your prompt and professional service. My client and I are impressed with the speed and accuracy of the translation service you provided."
~Thomas J. Stolp, Esq - Rogers, MacLeith & Stolp, LLP

"Very responsive, extremely professional and easy to work with. You have been a pleasure to work with, and your translation is excellent!"
~Victor Wouters - Lexint Translation and Publishing

"Я очень доволен переводом. Вам удалось чрезвычайно тонко уловить мои идеи и чувства."
~Доктор Валентин Брагин,
M.D. Ph.D.

"Wir möchten noch einmal der Firma Triballiance unsere Anerkennung für die qualitativ einwandfreie und schnelle Abwicklung unserer Übersetzungsaufträge aussprechen. Hervorzuheben sind insbesondere das unschlagbare Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis und die Bereitschaft, auch kurzfristig längere Übersetzungsprojekte zu übernehmen. Wir wünschen der Firma weiterhin viel Erfolg."
~Dipl.-Kfm. Alexander Steiner - A.A.C. Eildienst

"I really enjoyed working with you. You are a pleasure to work with, always pushing to make the best, better. You have brought me a long way with your excellent insight in the graphic world."
~Debra Hurley-James, Senior Analyst, Strategic Planner - Bank of Montreal

"Thank you for your kind words, but more so for your support, always being there for me and making it all work, no matter what the deadline!"
~Joan Mohammed, Senior Vice President, HR Operational Mgmt & Governance - Bank of Montreal

"Thank you for all your help with our translation project. It's so nice to work with a professional and competent organization. We appreciate your friendliness as well, and that any concerns we had were addressed promptly and completely. We look forward to future collaboration with you."
~Wendy M. Bergonse, Production Manager - Feature Subtitling, Captioning & Translation

"A very reactive and efficient supplier I'm pleased to work with! Their team includes people from several fields and delivers works of quality within the deadline!"
~Tsila Andrian - AndrianTrad, Paris, France

"Working with Triballiance Language Services was a terrific experience. ... I needed translation that would capture and evoke the varied tones, styles, and nuances. The speed, efficiency, and accuracy of Triballiance were all top notch. But more importantly, [they] just understood the exact shading that these documents needed --- shading that I knew could make or break the deal. [They] understood all the subtle nuances of language in translation -- and proved to be the perfect company to handle the challenge. I would work with them again in an instant."
~Jeremy Workman, Filmmaker - Workmanship Creative LLC.

"Triballiance has been tremendously helpful to us. As a small agency, we occasionally turn to partners to help with projects, and we were very happy with their diligence and attention to detail – not to mention their customer service. I appreciate their work and would highly recommend them."
~Jill Bishop - WLS Translations

"Nós estamos muito satisfeitos com o trabalho da agência, com o cumprimento das datas de entrega, prazo final e entregas parciais. Assumiram um compromisso conosco e cumpriram todo o acordo, desde o início do trabalho até o final. Sempre estão dispostos a nos ajudar em qualquer problema ou dúvida, além das prontas respostas."
~Giovana Tonetto, All Tasks Traduções Técnicas e Localização de Software


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