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Don't Let This Happen To You! - Bad translations (Part 1)

The Oddee blog has a whole line-up of mostly funny, somewhat obscene, yet actual mistranslations from around the world. Here's an example:

Bad Translations can be harmful!
And there are plenty more! Check it out...

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Happy Holidays from Triballiance!

As the end of 2007 approaches, we at Triballiance are reflecting on the accomplishments we have achieved, the challenges we have overcome, and the lessons we have learned, in our business, and in ourselves.

This has been a remarkable year full of growth for the communications industry. The world is smaller than ever before. Technology has made it virtually impossible to stay unaffected by the rest of the world. For businesses located anywhere on the planet, it is becoming more and more of a necessity to reach out to people from different countries, and varying sociocultural backgrounds. A successful business is one that embraces diversity and is managed by people who are eager to take their message beyond the borders of the past.

We wish the very best to our clients, partners, colleagues, and friends, for a deeply fulfilling, joyous holiday season, and a fantastic new year filled with spectacular successes!

Web URL's soon to become multilingual

Both the CBC and the Globe & Mail talk about how website addresses are soon going to be available in multiple languages. Until now, you could have a multilingual site, but its URL addresses (the stuff starting with http://...) could exist in only Roman alphabets. As a result, you would see many international websites named in various languages but with Romanized web addresses.

But now, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced that it is testing websites with multilingual URL addresses, in Arabic, Persian, simplified and traditional Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Yiddish, Japanese and Tamil. We could be seeing multilingual domains and web addresses by the end of next year!


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Just Say No to Bad Translations!

Happy Holidays from Triballiance

Web URL's soon to become multilingual