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The name "Triballiance" comes from the joining of "Tribal" and "Alliance", signifying our company's inclusive attitude and our passion for bringing people together. We pride ourselves on providing communications bridges to businesses around the world. We understand the growing need for business to reach ever-expanding global markets, and we are at the forefront of global communications, from business and marketing translation to web-based and multimedia localization.

Formed in 2006, in the extremely diverse city of Toronto, we work with a handpicked team of designated and quality-tested translators, linguists, designers and editors. We specialize in Russian and English communications solutions ranging from translation, multilingual graphic design and multilingual search engine optimization, to supportive solutions like transcription, editing and proofreading.

Our in-house language and design professionals are supported by a network of experienced partners and contractors, allowing us to tailor our services to the unique requirements of each client. Work performed by partners and contractors is coordinated and revised by in-house team members.

Company Leadership

Polina Skibinskaya
Linguistic Director

Polina Skibinskaya holds a degree in Communications, Television and Radio. Her cultural criticism essays and short stories have been published in English- and Russian-language magazines across North America. She is currently studying Hindi and preparing for a graduate degree in Linguistic Anthropology.


Kiran Mehdee
Technical Director

Kiran Mehdee is a Microsoft-certified Information Technology specialist. She has served as IT consultant for the top executives of BMO-Bank of Montreal and for Salga-NYC, as well as consultant for the YMCA-Toronto and Pride Toronto. She is now enrolled in the University of Toronto's Social & Cultural Anthropology program, with a focus on Linguistic Anthropology and Gender Studies. Kiran is also currently developing educational programs for small business owners, for creative writers, and for new immigrant workers and entrepreneurs in Canada.


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